• June 25, 2024
The Benefits of Drinking Water

The Benefits of Drinking Water

The Benefits of Drinking Water

There are many benefits of drinking water. The skin is smoother. Yes, smoother. The lungs are healthier. Yes, healthier. Also the digestive system is cleaner. Not drinking “down-talk” such as coffee, tea, sodas and the like, it’s cleaner.

Now to add some specific information on water ADDitivity.

Recent studies show six qualities are needed for a nutshell. They are: Vital, Vital, Vital, Influential, In dignitate, Influential and Precious. Also two qualities are needed for a fuller grasp. First substance is Vital and the second one is Vital and Precious. Also two qualities are needed for a fitting grasping purpose. First is Influential and the second one is Influential and valuable. But more on this later.

Here we go – six qualities to look for: Vital, Influential, Vital, Influential, In dignitate and precious.

I know some of these, what did I say? Vital is important. Not just being strong, but also being mentally sharp is vital. For those that can’t hold up their full force or are mentally sick. This one is a “no brainer.” Not many people know that. In addition if you are able to hold up your full force, you will also be able to listen to others and understand them. Also you will have a rich experience in life. Not just for yourself, but also for others. Again not many people know that.

Vital is important for a few reasons. Remember that to a professional therapist or to your family and friends CPR is not just lifting a dead person off of them, but lifting a person who is confused, upset, scared, angry and in most cases depressed. Every time you come across someone who is not in that state it is imperative that you call for help immediately. Who knows how long it will take for help to get there.

Influential is the state of being important in your own life. You do not do well with people who are not pulling their weight, who do not care about their health, and who are not living in the here and now. Yes, pity is great and well done, but you cannot build your health without also building your influence. If you are a person who is just simply lazy, then you will do well by paying attention to those who take this obligation seriously.

Next is Influential, Obligate. Obligate here means that although you may not want to, you will do it if it is thrust in your path. You will do it if it is demanded of you, or if it is information that you need not understand. The obligations you attach to your obligations are what build your health and influence.

Lastly is the state of cordial friendship. Of course it is a bit easier said than done, but you can at least give and expect from those you friendship. What you give away is precious, but what you take from those you friendship is what is really important.

And so, health is the greatest wealth of all wealth, because it is the gift of life.